So first off, actually read the whole article. Nope before you comment go read it makes shooing motion Now that you've read it, what do you think? I thought it was interesting. I, myself, am "Pro Choice" in that I believe as a man I shouldn't make a broad choice for all women. I think it's silly for anyone to think so. When it comes down to any one event, by my figuring, everyone who matters should express in opinion. Anywho I'll just get off my soapbox now.


This line of thinking still has a fundamental flaw - it assumes that any women forced to carry a rape pregnancy to term is acceptable. It is not. It could be 1 in a hundred thousand and I'd demand the provision be in place to allow a woman to abort a pregnancy as a result of rape (or any pregnancy, but I'll stick to the topic).

The article says that there is a lack of compassionate support, and that abortion is aggressively pushed to women who are pregnant as a result of rape. Is that so? Well I'm very glad all the protests outside of abortion clinics are so kind and supportive of a woman's choice about her body. I think that this author confuses "aggressively pushing abortion" with "reminding a woman that it's her choice no matter what people say about her."

lil has already pointed out in another post that the studies in this article are quite dated and used dubiously, so I won't get into that. What I will get into is that this author is quite plainly skewing facts to make us more dubious of women who are survivors of rape. The first paragraph is insinuating, I felt, that the only rape that really 'counts' is violent or forcible rape, and is immediately discounting these newfangled ideas about "women being allowed to choose who to have sex with" and dismissing the idea of date or statutory rape. (I won't even ask what he thinks about sex with someone who is under the influence of alcohol).

I'm also going to object to his attitude that says, essentially, "some women are raped and don't report it, but some also aren't and lie about it," thus implying that it all comes out as a wash and we shouldn't even think about it. That is insane and, frankly, snide to survivors of rape who aren't able to come forward because of judgement and scrutiny from people like him who, apparently, think it's a toss-up that she's just making it up.

Again, we've already seen from other posts that the bullet-point facts are misrepresenting the (aged) data and should be held in the highest scrutiny, so we should move on to the last part of the article. "No one knows" the effects of physical and emotional stress on pregnancies, so the author decides, let's just call it an even 50/50 chance now and pulls his (already likely fraudulent) number out of the air and says QED, it is proven.

Then, for the epic conclusive coup-de-grace of the article, I'll just let him use his own words:

    And so while each assault rape pregnancy is a tragedy for the mother (not for the baby, though)...
Truly, he is a master of sensitivity. Really, putting a bright spin on it. "Well" he says with a smile, "you may have been born as a result of a violent assault on your mother who may be too young, or poor, or disabled, or otherwise not able to take care of you, and your life may as a result be fraught with financial, emotional, or physical trauma for both you and your mother, but cheer up! At least things worked out for one of you!"

Lack of compassionate support indeed.

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