Wild random thoughts on Facebook appeared: It has become almost in vogue for internet-savvy individuals to mock Facebook, and even popular for people to say they have a Facebook account but don't use it. From a qualitative perspective in Canada, I've noticed that Facebook usage seems to be dropping off. People don't engage with their "friends" in the same way. It has become more and more like a link aggregator. I personally get more out of Facebook from the things I "like." For example, I found that hyperspace article by Gizmodo on Facebook today. I find most actual people in my Facebook feed boring and/or annoying. Why would I restrict myself to the people I only know in my real life when I'm on the internet? Maybe that is why I find that I enjoy my community of "friends" on Hubski more. Because it is a community of people that - although I would never have met them in physical reality because of geography - we can aggregate together online. Finally, I'm hesitant to say Facebook usage will continue to decline. It would be foolish to bet against a social network that has been as successful and has as much capital as Facebook. However, what we may be seeing is a major transformation in the way people engage with Facebook. This wouldn't really be the first time this has happened. I remember when I first got Facebook I sometimes updated my "status" on my "wall." People thought this was very strange, so I stopped doing it. In the beginning, if you remember, people only wrote on each other's walls, but you didn't write on your own wall. That only happened later. I guess that is one small example of how much people's behaviour on Facebook has changed.

posted by syncretic: 2194 days ago