For instance, when I mention #science in a comment or submission, could it link directly to the tag page for #science? I know mk is trying to avoid tags turning into subreddits, but I honestly don't think this feature would contribute to that. It would contribute to user discovery, though, since whenever a tag was mentioned in conversation, a simple click would lead users to the tag page, which would display a whole host of users who submit content with that tag, and hopefully they will find a few new people to follow as a result.

On a side note, I would also like to make the "ignore this tag" button more obvious on the tag page somehow, just recently I noticed a long-time hubski user had no idea you could ignore tags. I'm certain he isn't the only one.


You can. Put a hash on either side of the word:


It's in our FAQ:

    What does the 'ignore' link do? The ignore link lets you keep a specific user or tag out of your feed, and from commenting on your posts. You can see the users and tags that you ignore in your controls, and can choose to un-ignore them there. To ignore oscar, click on oscar's name, and then click 'ignore oscar'. To ignore #food, enter #food into the search bar, and then click 'ignore #food' in the upper right.

But I might make it stand out more.

posted by syncretic: 2199 days ago