thenewgreen: Interesting. If ""If music matters less to the way young consumers define themselves it's because they have found other, more useful media to do the job"*. -What media is taking that place in the current generation? I'm not suggesting this quote is inaccurate, I just don't know what the current youth is using as their "outlet"? -I guess what I'm saying is... "I'm old".

As far as innovation and creativity go regarding some of the most popular music, artists like "Lady Gaga" give me hope. I saw a performance she gave on SNL and I became a fan. The true "innovation" is occurring in the studio. (Which has been the case for a LONG time)

Let's face it though, there will always be creative/innovative music and youth that will find it and wear it like a badge of honor.

posted by kleinbl00: 2661 days ago