The Lamp Flecks of dust pass through the air in your glow. It trips me out how I can only see you flecks when she's shining on you or-- I guess it's really when you pass by Her rays immense. Your light touches everything, Lucy Loosely, and yet the dust in the air can only be seen for a small amount of time while inside some strange stairway to the lightbulb.

And with you lamp, I can see. And without you, I am free to go in the dark to places only She can imagine.

And sometimes I can’t see why we won’t be with four white hoursewomen dancing in their boots, coming round the mountain, eating your roots, but sometimes I can understand why you wouldn’t wanna be here with me.

he. he. he. he. he. he. he.

posted by goodbyebread: 2199 days ago