Alaska is already a pothead's paradise, and the state could move quickly to bring order to its ambiguous marijuana law. Cannabis has been effectively legal in Alaska since 1975, when the state supreme court, drawing on the unique privacy protections of the Alaska constitution, declared that authorities can't prohibit modest amounts of marijuana in the home of state residents.

    That gave Alaskans the right to have up to four ounces – and 24 plants – in their homes. Following a failed bid to fully legalize pot at the ballot box in 2004 (the measure fell 56-44), the state legislature attempted to enforce prohibition, outlawing all weed in 2006. But citing the 1975 precedent, a judge later ruled the home exemption must be respected, though she sought to limit legal possession to a single ounce.

Totally did not know this.


I sincerely hope that this conversation moves into this realm very soon. There are a lot more reasons to get rid of prohibitory weed laws than simply "people seem to like it now!" Weed laws directly influence the ability of our legal system to penalize people for being poor, black or latino. This should be reason enough to legalize something a lot of people in America have tried at least once.

(That source is 2008, so who knows how many more people would admit it now?)

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