A friend of mine sent this to me. Would especially like to hear from those of you who are parents.

There are points with which I agree 100 percent, and some that are sort of anachronistic. In my opinion, the correct way to go about children and cell phones is to buy them a nonsmart phone when they become old enough to need to call you for rides from places, etc., and then to later upgrade them to a smartphone with actual functionality if you think they're worthy of it. (This should happen at the age of 17 or later.)


Parents are too afraid to let their kids fuck up. I see helicopter parents like this all the time, and I think it has a profoundly negative effect on the kids. Of my friends from high school, the ones with overbearing parents just went crazy after high school. They ended up dropping out of college or having some sort of significant existential crisis, as they didn't really know how to deal with life in an independent manner. The best way to learn is to make mistakes. There's also no better time to make mistakes than when you're a kid, because you just don't have that many responsibilities...and the only real ramification is that you might get a stern talking to from your parents or get grounded. But instead parents are focuses on preventing any mistakes in the first place, which stifles any growing up that is supposed to happen.

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