A growing number of young, healthy Internet pornography users are complaining of delayed ejaculation, inability to be turned on by real partners, and sluggish erections.

    Lots of guys, 20s or so, can't get it up anymore with a real girl, and they all relate having a serious porn/masturbation habit. Guys will never openly discuss this with friends or co-workers, for fear of getting laughed out of town. But when someone tells their story on a health forum, and there are 50-100 replies from other guys who struggle with the same thing. This is for real.


I'm frustrated by the fact this is being dismissed as a non-issue by a lot of people. Just like anxiety or depression were shrugged off for decades too. This is a real issue if people are saying it's a real issue - there's no place for judgments, there are women out there going unsatisfied and frustrated, frightened men who are unable to step into their sexy roles because porn is a problem for them.

I grew up with porn and it certainly warped my perception of women around me. When I stop using it, suddenly women around me seem more beautiful because I'm not constantly being exposed to the most beautiful women on earth on a daily basis. It's like eating the most delicious substance every single day that has the unfortunate side-effect of giving you no nutrients. You may realize that you need to eat something with nutrients, but everything looks like oatmeal (with no sugar added).

posted by forwardslash: 2345 days ago