"I was in a shop the day after the amendment had passed here, and the shop owners were getting calls left and right from people asking if they could just come in and buy marijuana legally," Breathes tells NPR's Jacki Lyden. "People are just expecting to be able to walk into these medical stores right away."

    But they can't — at least not until next year. Like Washington, Colorado still needs to set up a regulatory framework to handle what is expected to be a big expansion of its marijuana market, even though the state already has more medical marijuana dispensaries than it has Starbucks.


I have to say, even though I stop smoking pot a long time ago, this is one of the things I'm really glad to have been wrong about. I must have had endless discussions about whether this would actually happen in my lifetime, and I just couldn't conceive it happening. Probably because I was looking at it wrongly, and expecting it come down the federal legislative channel. Nice!

posted by thenewgreen: 2371 days ago