That's 40 bucks for a bowl of cranberry sauce that everyone will pass up because we all prefer the shit that costs two bucks and comes plopping out of the can in the shape of the can. The second ingredient is LEAD. For 40 bucks, you should get the bourbon on its own.
It had been quite a while since I had cranberry sauce from a can when I got one for the wife and I this thanksgiving. My family has a history of making their own cranberry sauces, and I forgot how much I liked the stuff that just comes out of can in a can shape. Not sure exactly why I like it so much, perhaps just nostalgia. I like to think that it's the can shape, though. My Oma used to make Paska for easter and used recycled cans to bake them in, and they were delicious.

posted by cliffelam: 2313 days ago