Starting today, Hubski posts can carry an additional tag: the community tag.

If you see '+#' in the subtitle of a post, clicking on it allows you to suggest a community tag for that post. Simply suggest a tag, and the community tag is created.

If a hubski post already has a community tag, you might see 'Δ#' next to the community tag. Clicking on 'Δ#' allows you to suggest a different community tag for that post. Suggest a tag, and the community tag might be replaced with your suggestion.

Here are some basic rules for how community tags work:

- The author cannot suggest a community tag for his/her post.

- The most popular suggestion is the current community tag.

- You cannot suggest the current tag for a post.

- Hubskiers that have earned at least one hubwheel can participate in community tags.

- By clicking on the community tag, you can see who suggested the tag.

- Community tags function as author tags. For example, if you follow <span class="usertrigger"><a class="ajax" href="hash?id=technology">#technology</a>, and a post has <span class="usertrigger"><a class="ajax" href="hash?id=technology">#technology</a> as a community tag, it will appear in your feed.

Tags have long been a subject of discussion and debate here at Hubski. I'd be happy to answer questions, or continue the discussion below.

As always, feedback is much appreciated!


This is fun mk. Nice work. I just tried it out on a couple of posts. I'm interested to see how it is used by the community and really interested to see how other people tag content that I post. Have I been way off in my cataloging of posts? We shall see.

Very cool.

posted by hubski: 2418 days ago