Didn't have time to go hunting new music this week. Been listening to Minsk a lot.


I've been enjoying the shit out of the Sidewalks and Skeletons you linked last week. So thanks for that.

I also missed Covenant two nights ago 'cuz I had to work. Well, I had to get up at 7, deal with my wife's food poisoning, get my kid to school, take a Lyft to the airport with my mother-in-law, discover my flight had been delayed 3 hours thereby making me late for work, bust ass through security, change flights with 7 seconds to spare, get on an earlier flight, take a Lyft to the bike shop, ride the bike to the gold line, ride the bike from the gold line to home, tune the brakes, wrap the handlebars, make it to work 3 minutes late because it was 98 with a 12mph headwind and I got a half-hour late start, and then miss Covenant but I mean, details. Bummed I missed Covenant.

But fuckn hell this lineup tho

posted 335 days ago