I was homeless in a small town once. The cops were deliberating whether to arrest me or drive me to the next county over and dump me off. I got like a warning that McRae Georgia doesn't have homeless people and convinced my mom to get me a hotel

Gwinnett County Georgia also doesn't have homeless people. It's affluent. We're arrested or sent to other counties as a solution

I have an apartment right now but I'm technically homeless because it's through a housing program for people with mental illness. I'm lucky. I have it because I didn't lose my car and could drive to various agencies across two counties to fill out forms and prove I deserve basic human dignity that is housing because means testing

I've been this desperate and Fox News is out there painting people like me as a public health problem and a horror instead of addressing the root cause of homelessness. Capitalism

I never shit on the sidewalk but I would have if I ended up somewhere where the bathrooms have locks

Capitalism has no mechanism to provide homes for people who can't afford them under capitalism. It has no solution forglobal warming. It incentivises discrimination. It's end goal is concentration of wealth among a few people. It's immoral. We can do better

posted 333 days ago