This was an interesting article that deals with some of my pet peeves. So many men (and it's almost invariably men) have this idea that emotions and "rationality" are two completely separate systems, and that they are somehow completely unswayed by their emotions. It's the same sort of thinking where saying "stop being so emotional" means that you automatically win the argument, whatever it is.


Badging this because it was therapeutic to read. I've recently started my first job out of college working as a full-time software developer. This is something I wish I could send my coworkers and have them really think about. In my mind, this speaks to the lack of introspection that some men develop when they feel overly confident in their own conclusion-forming powers.

Maybe this is a post for another time, but I can't count the number of times my opinion has been dismissed in a meeting only for the Intellectuals(tm) to wind their way towards the same conclusion. Don't even get me started on how they treat women.

Thanks for sharing, it was a good read.

posted 468 days ago