The industry has collectively forgotten but Apple has already attempted this, with a show all my friends worked on called Planet of the Apps.. Yeah. Nobody cared. They spent The Voice money and got a thing you've never heard of.

What's interesting is it's not like Google doesn't have money, and it's not like Google doesn't have viewers. What they don't have is an appetite for long-form content, and what they don't have is a subscription model.

They do have the kids.

So. Expect a future of advertising-based unboxings, walk-throughs and algorithmically-generated children's cartoons. Because that's where the money is.


YouTube has plenty of long form content. And people make it with zero investment on the part of YouTube. But they definitely don't have a subscription model. I have never seen a YouTube Red show that I have any interest in watching and I don't think I'm in the minority.

posted 475 days ago