The new ‘Red Dead Redemption’ reveals the biggest problem with marquee games today: they’re boring as hell.



    This is the standard experience of playing a so-called Real World Game, which other than RDR2 includes games like Horizon Zero Dawn (2017), and No Man’s Sky (2016) before the developers actually made it interesting.

[citation needed]

You know what you used to do in No Man's Sky? You used to shoot rocks and buy shit and fly to another solar system. You know what you do in No Man's Sky now? You shoot rocks and buy shit and build a shed and shoot rocks and plant lettuce and sell lettuce and buy shit and buy a skylight and grow red lettuce and sell two colors of lettuce and buy a spark plug so that you can start your fuckin' janky-ass busted-ass holds two quarters and a slurpee space ship. Lather-rinse-repeat until you've got an impressive lettuce farm. Also take pictures of bugs for some reason.

You know what I'm doing with my evenings right now? SPREADSHEETS. You know what Bungie would like me doing? Playing Destiny 2. Know why I'm not playing Destiny 2? Because I have to do two weeks of multi-player bullshit so that I can earn the armor upgrades so that I can defeat the undefeatable chore that made everyone stop playing two months ago because unless you have ten hours a week to go raiding with your five closest friends, your season pass is worthless because you can't level up enough to actually play the content you bought.

Thing about fuckin' spreadsheets? They're done someday. And then you have information in an organized format.

I bought the last Final Fantasy. Know what that game is about? Waking up, tripping over a dozen side quests, driving for some reason, buying groceries, camping and taking selfies.

I guess if your principle market is shut-ins who can afford to kill 60 hours a week grinding, you want the grinders to get their money's worth. Me? I wanna play a game. And I realized the last time Bungie had some "days of pudwhacking" special event that the time I have invested in the game is two orders of magnitude too little to get the brass ring.

posted 281 days ago