The data reinforced fears U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods were starting to hit China's cooling economy, while softening demand has been felt around the world with sales of goods ranging from iPhones to automobiles slowing, prompting profit warnings from Apple among others.


Keep in mind that when you see this shit, it's devoid of context or perspective - "trade shock hits global stocks" is 100 points down at some point during the day while "market rallies" might be 100 points down at some point during the day if the market was down 300 the day before.

I wholeheartedly recommend watching the cryptocurrency press to see how naked this shit is - this is a "journalist" writing a mad-libs article about "market ________ because _________ is _________ according to _________" but they don't fuckin' know. It's not like they can ask "the market." They just fire up Hootsuite and look for trending terms to remix back at you.

Remember: 85 percent of the public markets (which are 50 percent of the markets - the other 50% is algorithmic but not observable by the public) are controlled by Markov bots that have been trained on a period of stability and constant growth.

Take a chatbot. Train it on Sweet Valley High and Encyclopedia Brown. Now give it all your money. Now give it all your friends' money and the money of everybody you know.

Now give it Fight Club.

posted 370 days ago