Around this time of year, 6 years ago, I found Hubski through Reddit. Somehow, I don't quite remember how. There was probably an alternates post or some sort of disquiet about the direction Reddit was heading in. So, the day after Christmas, I made a Hubski account! This account. Over those years a lot has happened! From relationships to depression to college graduation to my first post-grad job, to moving across the country, to completely changing as a person.

Hubski has been there. You've all changed, too. A lot of great people don't use this site anymore. A lot of great people still use this site. A lot of great new people have come to this site. It has, by and large, served it's purpose and the people who made this site and have kept it going deserve a "Thank You" for that. Some of you I have met in real life, some of you I have met online but off of Hubski, and many of you I have never met outside of Hubski. You're doing amazing things, and many of you have changed as well. That's a good thing, for the most part.

A week ago (well, 8 days) I went user-inactivated again. At the time I had the intention of making it a temporary endeavor. But, I have found that will not be the case for a myriad of reasons. This post will remain up for the next handful of days. If you would like to stay in touch, and don't currently have the means to do so, please reach out and I'll be happy to share an email address or Facebook profile with you.

Thanks for everything Hubski, you've been a constant. Til the world turns again.



Holy cow we all read that same r/bestof post from syncretic, didn't we? I'm assuming that's how you found this place, since you, me, rezzeJ, and _refugee_ all made our accounts on the same day.

Assuming you aren't going to go do something cool that requires having no online presence, like being a spy or something, maybe come back sometime?

posted by ButterflyEffect: 327 days ago