During Rogue One’s press tour at the end of 2016—an otherwise bland affair, as Lucasfilm made sure the actors described the film as vaguely as possible—Luna repeatedly expressed a sincere, somewhat alarming, somewhat sexual interest in Jabba the Hutt, the slug-like crime lord from the original Star Wars trilogy. I’ll let Diego Luna take it from here, with these very real quotes from multiple interviews:

    “The texture … I’m very to curious to actually touch that texture.”

    “I know it sounds gross but, it might be delicious.” (The “it” being Jabba’s essence, I guess.)

    “The texture of his skin is just something that obsesses me.”

    “The texture of Jabba is something I need to discover.”

    “Haha … please …” (That was Luna’s response when an interviewer makes a joke that he’s only ever looking to date someone like Jabba.)

posted 606 days ago