But new pressures, especially for those who attend Defcon, seem to be reshaping the community’s attitudes toward privacy and anonymity. Many longtime hackers, like Ms. Sell and Mr. Wyler, have been drawn into the open by corporate demands, or have traded their anonymity for public roles as high-level cybersecurity experts. Others alluded to the ways in which a widespread professionalization and gamification of the hacking world — as evidenced by so-called bug bounty programs offered by companies like Facebook and Google, which pay (often handsomely) for hackers to hunt for and disclose cybersecurity gaps on their many platforms — have legitimized certain elements of the culture.


Stay golden, P0wnyb0y.

I waited a bit to respond, simply because this article is a lot to digest.

Feds outing each other? A relaxed atmosphere?

Makes it feel more interested to attend.

Maybe that will be the goal for 2020.

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