I don’t agree with all of this article. I especially think that comparing weight loss among non-obese people to weight loss among obese people is flawed; that study about how it’s impossible to lose weight and keep it off or else you’ll be hungry every day for life, etc? As a person who has been 15 pounds heavier and naturally tends to maintain around my current weight, it just doesn’t jive with my own experiences...but I’ve always been a “healthy weight.” I just think sometimes in data we tend to look at population averages and make conclusions when it might better serve us to look at sub-population averages. Idk. Anyway still a great read

Also just like. If everybody is fat, then can everybody be discriminated against? 80% if Americans are obese and half of them feel judged on a daily basis (paraphrasing). By whom? (I get that the people we see in ads and on TV create a culture of thinness etc which can result in feeling judged even if you’re not. But to me that seems like you’re the one who’s making yourself feel judged. Trust me I am an expert in that arena)


We should tax processed high calorie/low nutrition foods, then use that revenue to subsidize the opposite. It's a public health issue. Behavior isn't the cause of the increase in obesity and it isn't the solution.

posted by _refugee_: 396 days ago