Click-baity title, but prompted insight into cultural differences that are in fresh relief for me as an American in South Korea. My Americanness seems very obvious to me.

And for me everything is less "awesome" than it is "cute".

    It seems that speaking your mind to individuals is a major taboo. You can't tell a friend straight when he has f----- up, nobody will ever tell you that you look like you could stand to lose a few pounds, and there's way too much euphemism to avoid the hard truth.


Pretty hilarious to see a citizen of a notorious tax haven decry corporations while also whinging about "Irish Americans" in a country that grants citizenship to 4th-generation ex-pats.

Most of the rest of it is griping about the social adaptations of a massive, sparsely-populated immigrant culture without a single homogeneous religion or ethnicity.

But yeah. He's for sure not like this in person.

posted by blackbootz: 108 days ago