No. Also, NO.

76F? Fuck you. I'm a fat guy in a suit. If you are cold at 72F, wear pants and a long sleeve shirt like I have to do every day. At 76F I'll start to sweat, which will stink. I can handle my stench, but I cannot handle yours for 8-10 hours a day. And something tells me the people in this article will start complaining about B.O. in about a week.

Our building is set at 72F in a central office and does not have thermostats that can be controlled by people in the regular offices. Reading about thermostat wars in other companies makes me so damn happy that the whole office building is maintained at a steady temperature and that this nonsense can't take place.

Also, space heaters in an office building? No. Just, NO. The circuits may be the required 20Amp breakers. But from what I have seen every commercial building has, shall we say shortcuts taken, when they wire the place. One space heater will pop a 20A breaker if there are other loads on said circuit.


I'll say this: My wife, who is skinny, will eschew sports bars, mexican restaurants and pizza places in the summer because she doesn't like having to carry around a sweater. I'll also say this: professional attire for men tends to be wool while professional attire for women tends to be silk. I'll also say this: back when I was doing office design you could tell who had a long-term employee structure by how many climate control zones the HVAC system had. We had our studies that pointed out the more control employees had over their environment, the higher their productivity.

posted by francopoli: 146 days ago