Sometimes you just gotta vent about something particularly moronic. It backs up in your brain, and dams up your thought process. The only way to get the brain flowing again, and to get past the offense caused by the moron, is to let it out.

To bitch about it.

Welcome to The Bitch Sessions; an irregular series of posts that invite you to vent your frustrations, with the goal of helping you move on.

Commenting on any post is not necessarily needed or invited. This is a place to vent, not to solve.


Bitch Sessions #1: Technology Lows

What utterly moronic or offensive thing has technology done to you?


The inspiration for The Bitch Sessions is a double-whammy, delivered by Microsoft Word, and its legion of enabling minions.

First whammy:

Section Breaks

Want to modify your standard header or footer in the next section of your document? (This is often done with Chapter Titles appearing in the header or footer of a book, next to the page number.)

In MS Word, when you insert a Section Break, it defines the layout of the PREVIOUS section, not the next section!

Lemme say that again ... if you want to change the header/footer of a section of your document, you go to the last line of the last page, and insert a Section Break. Make the changes you want, and those changes are reflected ALL THE WAY BACK TO PAGE 1 OF YOUR DOCUMENT.

So you can't use a Section Break for the ONE section of your document that differs. You now need to go back and insert section breaks for ALL of your sections in your document, otherwise the changes for that one section will be reflected backwards through your entire doc.



Whammy Number Two:

Section Break Explainer Article

I was having a hard time grokking this concept, so I Googled it. Found a great article from TechRepublic describing how to succeed at Section Breaks.

The first paragraph of the article was interrupted by a TechRepublic video ... of someone else at TechRepublic ... reporting on, and explaining, and SHOWING video of the article... that I am currently reading.

Yes, the article was interrupted by a video of someone explaining the article I was reading.


posted by goobster: 367 days ago