I agree 100% on this. If a Dollar General opens a store in your area, it's over. Crime is already going up, the Walmart three towns over is a dirty, filthy disaster, all the strip malls are either empty or full of liquor and tattoo stores, and local tax revenues are gone.

I've been to county planning meeting opposing these places. I'm probably known at "that guy" whenever I show up. I've asked county commissioners if there are any studies that giving retail establishments tax abatements increases revenue and job growth... only to be told don't worry.

If there is a Dollar General within two miles of a house you want to buy? Don't.


Dollar General is one of the stocks a lot of the gloom'n'doom guys recommend you buy. They are, after all, ruthless. Whereas the Dollar General profiled in the article was looking for a $68k tax abatement, Walmarts typically ask for millions. Don't have millions? Have a Dollar General.

Their business model isn't dissimilar to those Halloween stores you see popping up in the abandoned whatever-it-is-that-nobody-went-to-anymore. The leases they sign are short-term. They pay much less than the going rate but they do their own TI (if you force them). Five percent of their sales are food stamps. They're a parasitic organization.

blackbootz told me to read Matthew Desmond's Evicted. It's fuckin' grim. Throughout, however, it makes the point that slums are lucrative if you're gangsta enough to adopt "bitch better have my money" as your personal mantra.

Dollar General will let you wash those dirty dolla bills through your 401(k).

posted by francopoli: 248 days ago