Because Fuck California. The tax cuts were designed to starve the big Blue states. The EPA rule changes were designed to fuck the Blue states. Now, this.

I grew up in SoCal when we had shelter days; the smog was so bad we stayed inside. The last bad one was in 1974 and I remember that. I remember not being able to see mountains. I remember cheering Santa Anna winds as that meant no smog and clean air for a few days. 40 years later, the air in SoCal is breathable and seeing the Hollywood sign is not a miracle of wind and weather. But the commies in California like the environment so fuck those guys.

At this point I would like to remind everyone that the hippie liberal commie that started smog controls and emission controls was the Hollywood Liberal Ronald Reagan At this point I will remind the readers that the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, along with the EPA, were advocated by and signed by that business hating ultra liberal Richard Nixon

So, if you stand with the current Republicans, you support the jailing of immigrants, the separation of children from their families, the decimation of the middle class, the paving over of the environment, and short term cash outs over long term planning. And Russia. And all the drug war prison pipeline nonsense we are dealing with. And oppose medical pot. And hate the schools. And don't understand allies and soft power. And now I'm fucking angry.

Come on Dems, don't fuck up the midterms. Please.

posted by francopoli: 183 days ago