So I was going to post a much more serious, data-driven, diatribe against the evils of the automobile, this article from citylab, but then I decided what we need more is a hilarious rant on the subject instead. And one that shows a brilliant, imaginative alternative to inspire our creative minds to solve this problem, rather than just be further downtrodden by The Gloom.


I'm a fan but c'mon.

    Benjamin David commutes 2km by river every day.

I commute fuckin' 31 miles by river every day. On a bicycle. Next to a river whose e.coli levels are currently 10 times over legal limits for touching. I can honestly say that if Americans could commute a mile and a quarter we'd be a lot more cheerful.

Worthy of note: I've done 8,000 miles on the LA River bike path without the LA river bike path ever being fully open. My current officially sanctioned detour is closed from 11pm until 7am, meaning a lot of the time I have to legit bushwhack just to get home.

posted by cW: 305 days ago