Been engrossed with the WCS and GSL lately. Super stoked to see Serral take the WCS Trophy! Really been enjoying some of the GSL series. Really exciting games and a lot of new strategies.

The games always hype me up to go play but as I am in a bit of a lackluster internet situation at the moment I'll have to get by with watching. Hopefully I'll be a little bit better setup next week!

So, any of you up for a game if I can online? The game is free to play now if you don't have it and wanted to try! I'll play 1v1, 2v2, Arcade, Campaign, really anything idgaf. I'm not amazing or anything, I hover around Gold/Silver and would probably be a little rusty.


Never got into Starcraft. I used to play Age of Empires 2. Even watched some high-level tournaments. I was never a big fan of the emphasis on micromanagement in competitive RTS games, though (which is also why I never got into MOBAs). It seems to mostly be about who can click the fastest to exploit small glitches or gain small advantages.

posted by Merlin: 184 days ago