I mean, I'd laugh, but as a former Physics TA, there were some semesters I'm pretty sure I made more than the lecturer for the course.


I wanted to go into academia at one point and feel like I really dodged a bullet. Art academia might even be uniquely awful for a bunch of reasons. But it's not purely academic so people in it use teaching as supplemental income. Whatever. I'm just glad I didn't end up with a laundry list of adjunct positions on a resume before getting tenure. Or not.

One professor had a joke about this process that goes back to the eighties. Funny anecdote rather. He knew a guy who built a kiln or a furnace just for his CVs. The implication being throwing them into the kiln was the equivalent of sending them to schools to get a job. Artists are generally a little off if they decide that's a viable career path. It results in some very high difficulty jokes which take the form of physical objects. I think it's awesome. People who disagree are people who use this as an example of why modern art is terrible.

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