I use firefox and it's nailed down to only allow the minimum permissions in order to work - my main weapon of choice is uMatrix

Up until yesterday, when I clicked on "n shared" links, the linked iframe appears with an animation (I guess in some kind of overlay) so that it looks like a pop-up window.

Since yesterday, clicking such links actually changes the browser's location to the iframe rather than just showing the overlay with the animation.

I haven't changed my browser configuration or my hubski settings so I guess something has changed with hubski itself. I'll keep investigating to see if I can get the old functionality back but it might make that quicker for me to know what has changed?

Update: Seems after logging out, deleting my cookies and logging back in again everything is back to normal.

Update 2: Hmmm they only work from the front page (same behaviour in Chromium and Firefox.)

front page: https://hubski.com/ - the pop-ups work as expected

my feed page: https://hubski.com/global/bhrgunatha?time=all - they don't work and redirect to a new page.

my notifications page - https://hubski.com/notifications/bhrgunatha - also redirecting.


Should all be good now. Sorry about that.

posted by bhrgunatha: 409 days ago