Psych! To be fair the NYT used a click bait headline first

This is what happens when a culture sees the criminal justice system as 100% punitive instead of correctional. "You deserve what you got, even if you were only accused and passing through the system," is the ignorant voice you can expect after leaving incarceration spoken by people who either don't know or don't care about our founding ideals in the US.

My ex girlfriend was married to a law enforcement officer. I told her what I went through after being charged and held for a minor nuisance crime. She did not give a fuck because "most of those people are guilty." Tone deaf entirely to whether I deserved that treatment for minor crimes I'd committed, irrespective of the seriousness of my crime and the innocent people I was held with, because that is how baked into culture punishment as correctional is. Despite the fact that it clearly only produces career criminals. (She also thought she had special authority on the matter because her husband fed her a steady diet of how shitty the people he dealt with are and how they're all guilty but that complicates my example more than reinforcing it. Whatever.)

'Corrections facility' and any other euphemism that implies reforming criminals is a joke, and a particularly unfunny one to those of us who have experience in said facilities.


That's a very powerful video.

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