Here are my three top 'sing in the car' songs last week:

Journey - Don't Stop Believing. I change some of the lyrics (Since there is no 'South Detroit' I sing '...born and raised North of Detroit". Makes my wife cringe, too.)

Spinerette - Ghetto Love. I have no idea what she's really saying for most of it, but I like the angry shouty moan parts.

Angie - Smoke Weed Eat Pussy. When the little kids are in the car replace this with Parry Gripp - I like Vegetables.

The car I'm driving now doesn't have AC (it's a Volvo from 91 so 'AC' just means 'heat but not quite as much') so I sing around Portland with my windows down. There is an inverse relationship between my age and my number of fucks given, I suspect.

posted by bfv: 129 days ago