Chloe Dykstra, a cosplayer and nerd culture person, recently posted a story to Medium in which she described a 3-year absuive relationship she was in. She does not name the person. Other places, however, have decided that it was Chris Hardwick.

This being the Internet in 2018, he's guilty because he was accused. And not accused directly; a third party inferred it. The comment section on my second link is bascially the dictionary definition of a witch hunt. It would've been fun to watch a couple people twist themselves into knots to dismiss a guy who talks about dating someone crazy and being falsely accused of things if it weren't so scary.

And what's worse, accusations like this are now self-fulfilling. As reported here (somewhat gleefully), the Nerdist removed mentions of Hardwick's name from their site. This is taken as confirmation of Dykstra's accusations and that the person she's accusing was Hardwick. Instead of, you know, a company protecting its bottom line by capitulating to the mob.

If I were a man remotely in the public eye, I would be very afraid right now. I would be trying to think through every interaction I ever had (and not just the opposite sex, given what happened to George Takei), trying to figure out who would be willing to destroy my life because they feel like it. Hell, this article made me think about that anyway, and I'm not remotely famous. If I were a male victim of sexual assualt, of course, I'd be worried for the usual reasons (just ask Terry Crews and Brendan Frasier how their experiences went).

Actually, I'd be just as afraid if not more so if I were in college.

I simply cannot understand being in a place that can't see the hypocrisy. Then again, it does make a strange kind of sense, since this seems to be coming from the same echo chamber that we accuse Fox News viewers of inhabiting.


Have you known many women who were sexually assaulted and ignored, shamed or blamed? Know anyone who's life was ruined by it, left to be fearful, mentally ill or unable to have well adjusted adult relationships?

I think the current witch hunt is of way less importance than the change it might make in our world.

Too bad for the ones who get cut down in all innocence, we may never know who they are.

Have you ever pressured for sex?

Maybe it wasn't rape but maybe it wasn't really what she wanted.

It's a horrible unfair world.

Maybe this is what has to happen for it to be a little less so in the future.

It didn't seem like it was going to change without some kind of revolution and no revolution happens without some blood in the streets.

I hope a guy in college is afraid when he's trying to coerce my daughter into to doing something she doesn't want to.

I hope that it comes around to making those people with the least power safer from their bosses, their landlords the cops.

My mom, a school teacher who retired to become a librarian, a women of modest demeanor and habits says that she and almost all her female friends have been sexually harassed by cops during traffic stops.

It's been a shitty brutal and fearful world to be a women.

Maybe someday soon, maybe tomorrow it will be a little less so.

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