So I'm working on branding. Sent my designer a long list of links. Described horology as hidebound and prone to ancestor worship; linked to Patek's campaign being discussed in Fortune. Didn't read said-same Fortune article until today; that's when I noticed that Fortune linked to The Last Psychiatrist.

He's not wrong. I watched Halt & Catch Fire last summer. Screw Mad Men; that show was brilliant. And in the transition where Donna goes from being a struggling software CEO to being a venture capitalist, they featured the hell out of her playing with a JLC Reverso.

I don't know how many people noticed (outside of Reddit). But for those of us who did, it was pitch-perfect.


I remember reading the economist and being confused by all the weird watch ads. Then this article came out, and it all made sense.

In TLP-related news, I bought a bottle of Zaya this week. It tastes like some horrible concoction of bananas and bandaids. It reciprocally explains the blog itself, though. Whatever happened to TLP anyway? Total radio silence after May 2014.

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