So I've been noticing a lot of unfamiliar and new names popping up around here, so I figure it'd be a good time to spark up the #scificlub and see what kind of interest there is.

For those who haven't seen it, #scificlub has been around for a little while now, and periodically gets dropped and picked up again. The format generally involves watching/reading/consuming some piece of sci-fi media, then we all discuss it at some pre-designated point in time. The format is plenty amenable to modification though. You can browse though the tag to get a historical sense of what we've looked at.

So now I'd like to call roll for all those interested to chime in. We'll need to pick some material.

The inclusion criteria for material to look at has typically been this:

   Easily accessible (preferably free and online)

Low time commitment (short stories and movies yes, whole novels and seven-season TV shows no)

So please throw out some suggestions! There's been some recent movie releases that may be of interest, classics we haven't covered, or any other sort of thing like that.

Last-updated list of shoutouts:

Trombone kleinbl00 JakobVirgil mhr OftenBen plewemt elizabeth blackbootz Meriadoc Tiger_the_Lion _thoracic johnnyFive tehstone rthomas6 War Dala OftenBen bhrgunatha kantos francopoli anatomygeek Purple_Ruby


I have to throw A Darkling Sea into the mix.

This book takes a very interesting spin on something that I have put a great deal of thought into over the years. To what degree does the type of sensory input we are able to perceive determine the limits of our thought and imagination? What other methods of doing things would we be capable of with slightly different sensory apparatus? How does a completely blind race that lives underwater write things down? How do beings that communicate through olfactory signals keep secrets from each other? What effect do these evolutionary quirks mean for the development of a culture, a civilization?

posted 622 days ago