Parental anxiety, Saltz says, is inflamed by a global, always-on news cycle, as well as increased connectivity on social media platforms, which recycles "over and over again" kidnappings, rape and other threatening incidents.

    While violent crime has dropped sharply in the US in the past 25 years, Americans generally perceive crime rates are continuing to climb, according to a recent survey by Pew Research Center.


Awesome! The pussification of society in the name of “children’s safety “ has been annoying me with our modern world. It’s like there are so many rules now in case someone gets hurt that we live within those rule boxes and stop paying attention. And then people get hurt so we add more protections and rules. And that’s when people pay even less attention and fall on the subway tracks while texting. Maybe we should install a glass panel there, so people don’t fall?

I swear I almost had a meltdown the other day when about 30 people stood at the red light, waiting for it to be green. While the one way road they were waiting to cross was actually blocked off from traffic for the weekend...

I volunteer at a summer camp and maybe it’s my bias showing but the kids have become oddly obedient to the point there are no more night prank wars unless specifically allowed and encouraged to do so :( we didn’t need permission to go cover the boys with toothpaste!

Urgh I feel like a grumpy old man now, but I had to get this odd mess of thoughts out.

Seeing kids roam free in the Ukrainian village a couple weeks back really made me happy. Maybe there’s hope

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