TL:DR: Young people cannot afford to live in the big cities and are moving where they can live and not work themselves to death.

    They made a big upgrade on the housing front, trading a $900-a-month apartment in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood for a century-old Dutch Colonial in Louisville’s Audubon Park neighborhood. They’re paying more—the mortgage is $1,200—but now own a home with a yard on a single salary, something that Bhatia says would have been unimaginable in Chicago.

Wow, it is almost like quality of life is something people care about.


There was a time when I thought I wanted to live in a big city. That time has passed. I can't imagine anything that would draw me away from my mid-tier city. Among hobbies I have, the only thing a major city would provide is high likelihood of major touring bands playing there. Anything else, no.

posted by francopoli: 259 days ago