My dad's friend retired from the AirForce today in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Instead of just flying down here himself, my dad flew in to Denver and we made the drive together. Just in case you're wondering, there are still horses roaming free in the western US.

I don't think these were "wild"... but certainly free range horses... and yes, they crossed the street right in front of me.

New Mexico has some really strange Rest Areas along the side of the highway:

And they have towns named after old Radio Shows:

and sweet old cathedrals dedicated to the finest saints:

and since this is kleinbl00's old stomping grounds, I had to put in this picture of the watch my mom gave my dad on their wedding day. It started losing time back in the 90s, but he recently had it repaired for their 50th anniversary. Not too shabby for an old automatic:


1) That's an awful fucking drive.

2) So many strange rest areas. They get spooky as shit in the middle of the night.

3) TorC is very near the ancestral homeland. I have relatives who have birth certificates that say Hot Springs, NM, which is what it was called until 1950.

4) There's an amazing illuminated bible dating back to 1500 in that church. You can touch it if you're there off hours. It's... amazing. My mother used to play concerts in there all the time.

5) That Hamilton is dope.

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