Nonetheless, I don’t think this is the leftism we will wind up with. Tribalism is in the air, on the left as well as on the right. It is based on a scarcity mentality, the idea that life is a zero-sum war between us and them. It emphasizes division and conflict, not solidarity and cohesion. It draws out the authoritarian tendencies in any movement. On the right, tribalism brings us the ethnic authoritarianism of Donald Trump. On the left, it seems likely to bring us the economic authoritarianism of a North American version of Hugo Chávez.

There's gotta be some sort of Godwin's Law about 'wingers and Venezuela.


    Left-wing hostility toward European Union-type multilateral organizations is at record highs.1

  1. The ass of D. Brooks.

Hillary won the primary and the popular vote. OTOH Jeb Bush couldn't contend with dick jokes and the blood of Kennedy.

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