The case was back in the spotlight earlier this year after a book on the Golden State Killer, I'll Be Gone In the Dark, was published. The book was written by the late Michelle McNamara, a crime journalist who "was determined to find the violent psychopath."

    McNamara was still writing the book at the time of her death, but it was completed and published this year after her husband Patton Oswalt got an investigative journalist, Billy Jensen, and McNamara's lead researcher on the book, Paul Haynes, to complete her work.

I'm a stand up comedy geek/elitist. I like comedian's comedians. Anyway ever since Michelle McNamara died unexpectedly I've had my eye on this story and the story of the posthumous completion and publication of her last book which probably led to this arrest. I really wish I could have succinctly editorialized all of this in the title.

I cannot begin to imagine the emotions Mr. Oswalt, whose efforts led to the completion of the book, must be feeling right now.


I hadn't heard much about all this (other than being vaguely aware that Patton Oswalt had lost his wife a few years ago) until hearing him on Fresh Air talking about the book. That's pretty amazing if it turns out this is the guy.

I'd been meaning to read the book anyway, and now it sounds like there's even further incentive.

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