Washington State has had that for a decade or more. It's not hard to find the data for many other states.

    It may still prove to be confusing to consumers, since standard rates are like list prices and don’t reflect what insurers and government programs pay.

That's straight bullshit and PBS should feel bad. If an insurer pays less than the fee schedule they're guilty of fraud and will get kicked off the medicare provider roster. We take six different kinds of medicare plans and they all pay the fee schedule to the penny. You bill as if it's medicare, you get paid as if it's medicare.

For many of the services the rates aren't great (for many of the services the rates are less than the cost of providing the services) but if we could just get a reasonable-profit fee schedule for everything we do we'd be done.

We'd also be able to discontinue two different contractors who pickaxe fees out of insurance companies on a percentage basis.

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