The wife and I got a wild hair and watched the Matt Damon movie, "Downsizing" last night.

First off: I liked it.

Second: This is not the movie you think it is going to me. Four different times during the film, you think you are watching a different "genre" film. And then it changes again.

Third: There's some clever stuff in there. It's fun.

Fourth: For a "Matt Damon film" this has a surprisingly varied cast, with a lot of interesting women and other cultures represented.

Fifth: Christoph Waltz. Just... Christoph Waltz.

Before I say any more about the film, I want to hear from others who have seen it, and put all spoilers talk into the comments so people don't accidently happen onto them.


Friend from my watchmaking class wrote some of the jokes. His brother is the screenwriter. I guess the whole setup has been a family joke for a while. Rad old dude. He heard me referring to my watch as a "three finger Elgin" and he decided that was an awesome pirate name.

Jim Taylor bugs me a little because I hated the shit out of Sideways. But at the same time, Sideways made it okay to never again drink Merlot.

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