I stumbled upon this article which won the Pulitzer Prize in the "Local Reporting" category.

    3:53 p.m.

    An 11-year-old girl dials 911. She can’t wake up her dad. Neither can her brother.

    “Are you there, sweetheart?” the dispatcher asks.

    “Me and my brother’s here.”

    She tells the dispatcher she can’t get her dad up. He’s been like this since last night. He snores, but they cannot wake him.

    “I’m afraid that he’s gonna wake up and get mad that I called you guys. But I’m just trying, because I don’t want him to die.”

    The two stay on the line, waiting for police and paramedics to show up. But the father’s girlfriend arrives first and takes the phone.

    “Oh my God!” the woman yells.

    “He’s turning purple!”

    Police and paramedics arrive and begin treating the father for an opiate overdose. The little girl takes back the phone.

    “You did a great job of calling, OK?” the dispatcher tells the girl.

    She’s sobbing, but manages to answer.

    “You’re welcome.”


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