The linked paper is a bit more interesting than the article itself. The CIA clearly understands what the media misses, that all social movements worth their salt have an intellectual base.

I'd love to read the CIA dossier on the intellectual roots of the alt-right in America, but I suspect I'll have to wait another 30 years for that one.


The more the CIA spends on orchestra and French philosophy and the less they spend on drone strikes the better off the world will be.

It's disingenuous to call the CIA's interest and interaction with French philosophers an "assault." By the author's own analysis the CIA was attempting to (and succeeding in) shaping the narrative and course of political and philosophical discourse in Europe. So was the KGB. So was the GRU. That there was less violence and more success in Europe than in Southeast Asia and South America illustrates that culturally, Europe was more inclined to follow the West.

The article is basically an argument against soft power, which is an idiotic argument to make because soft power involves no death, injury or terrorism. Compare and contrast with, per the author's example, South America. "Death squads" are not a feature of European political clashes.

The CIA will have no information about the alt-right as an American institution. The LePens? Yer damn skippy. The CIA has no domestic charter and as the FBI does, they work diligently to keep the CIA offshore.

You might enjoy the book "The Mighty Wutlitzer." it's a book- length factual account of CIA propaganda efforts in the 60s, less the dudgeon.

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