If you’ve ever been curious about the transformative power of scientific development, or of the materials needed to advance it, you could probably read historical accounts of the sail, or the steam engine, or the discovery of hydrocarbons.

    But since real life is boring, please join us this April Fool’s Day in a geopolitical analysis of Dune, Frank Herbert’s science fiction classic that transposes religion, war, politics, blood feuds, the commodities trade – all the things that make our own world go – onto the fictitious planet of Arrakis and the empire of which it is a part.

    Our faithful readers might recall last year’s publication of the geopolitics of Game of Thrones. If you liked that piece, then this one is similar in every way and you’ll like it too. If you didn’t like that piece, then this one is nothing like it and superior in every way.

    Jokes aside, please accept this free offering as a token of our appreciation to you, our readers, the most important people in the galaxy.


So all you need to do is be an economically country that isn't dependent on oil, and then ally with Saudi Arabia for fake religious reasons, and then you can take over the world, for as long as the Saudis don't realize your religious reasons are fake.

Sounds fun.

posted by kleinbl00: 296 days ago