Animal rights group Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has published a blog claiming that people who buy dogs can’t be feminists.

    The argument put forward is that those who purchase dogs as opposed to adopting are supporting the sexual exploitation of female dogs who are used by their owners solely to breed puppies.

    Female dogs who are kept in puppy mills are forced to endure multiple births until they’re physically incapable of carrying any more puppies, the organisation states.

PETA is a shity evil organization that murders animals Look into their animal shelter, how they kidnapped pets to kill them, how they misuse raised moneys. The only people in the article worse than PETA are the terrible people running puppy mills. Want to help animals? Stop sending money to PETA send it to the Humane Society instead.

Article is being posted here for your Saturday Anger-Chuckle.


I heard PETA is against all private animal ownership. But what do I know? Aside from things people and institutions I trust tell me

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