There was a thread on the other site talking about this, but it was too specific. So I'd like to just open it up (and I know there has been a thread about this in the past, but it was awhile ago). Share a concert memory or two.

I'm also psyched because Combichrist is playing my town in June. \m/


I've seen Weird Al more than 25 times. Never miss a show. Nor should you. Arguably the best showman out there.

I've seen Anthrax in a venue that held 100 people, 50 showed up. They gave a show worthy of a crowd of 10,000 people, and I've been a fan ever since.

I've been in fights with skinheads at Slayer concerts.

I've been in fights in a mosh pit at a Dorpkick Murphy's show.

I've been in mosh pits at Primus Concerts.

I've seen Nirvana live. And I've seen Metallica right as they were starting to ramp up in popularity, back in 1985. Megadeth I've seen 4-5 times now as well.

Nine Inch Nails had some of the best sound in a venue of all the shows I've attended. Their multimedia presentation is always worth the cost of a ticket.

I've seen Yo-Yo Ma play the Bach Cello Suites live. Not this show, but holy fucking hell is he a master of the instrument. Whole audience was there in silence just absorbing the performance.

I've been to 100+ classical concerts and performances.

My regrets? I've never seen Flogging Molly Live. I missed seeing Baby Metal.. I never got up to Wisconsin to see Little Blue Crunchy Things. I'd love to catch Shotgun Wedding Symphony live.

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