So... maybe it does... I get it...

But is that really something to advertise?

I took this picture a few months ago, with the intent to post it here for discussion. I've thought about it a bit. Why is this message being advertised? Like... awareness I guess? but like... if I don't lock my car... and some one steals stuff... they will... necessarily become more brazen and steal more stuff (including my identity)?

When I first read it, I just thought it felt like a strange message: "Lock your car or you are not stopping identity theft." It's like they looked at statistics and then formed them into sentences to scare people.

But it's so much worse than I thought.

The website is from these people:

    Coloradans Against Auto Theft is a coalition of law enforcement agencies, insurance partners, LoJack and AAA Colorado. CAAT and the state auto theft task force efforts are funded in part by the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA). CAAT was created to promote the cumulative statewide efforts in the prevention of auto theft.



    Senate Bill 08-060, the Colorado law that went into effect on July 1, 2008, established new mandatory funding for the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA) through 2018. CATPA is a cash-funded program that awards grants through the required annual collection from insurance companies of $1.00 for every insured vehicle.

    Why Consumer Insurance Dollars?

    State legislators intended for this to be a direct investment by consumers to combat auto theft and ultimately lower car insurance premiums.

    All Colorado drivers are victims of auto theft because we all pay for it through increased insurance premiums.

    For the individual auto theft victim, in addition to paying the insurance deductible, there are other costs such as insurance premium increases, the time spent working with the police, vehicle rental fees and time off from work.

Whatever you sons of bitches... whatever. I'm stealing the next one of those signs I see.


You gripe, I gripe.

If people in my neighborhood would lock their car doors and stop leaving valuable stuff in their cars than car prowls would go down.

When I used to be on NextDoor, there would be at least one post a week where someones car got broken into and their wallet, purse or laptop was stolen.

I've been to neighborhood crime prevention meetings where people yell at the Captain that they want all the car break ins stopped. The captain says, lock your car and stop leaving valuable stuff in there, we try to catch them but we can't catch them all and you folks being more defensive will make a bigger difference than we can. The people say, Captain, stop the care break ins again...

I know some of the cops on the night shift. They would love to make some arrests but the reality is even if they do the guys won't be off the street very long. If people would just lock their fucking doors and stop leaving their valuables in plain site thieves would move on to easier neighborhoods.

CAAT sounds like bullshit btw.

posted by steve: 302 days ago