Researchers from Arizona State University and the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences injected nanobots made from a folded sheet of DNA into the bloodstream of mice. These targeted the blood vessels around cancerous tumours, injecting them with bloodclotting drugs to cut off their blood supply. According to the study, published in Nature Biotechnology, in February, the treatment was successful in shrinking the tumours and inhibiting their spread.

    Scientists are exploring the use of nanobots for a number of healthcare uses, not only for fighting cancer, but also to unblock blood vessels in hard to reach areas, taking biopsies or measuring the level of certain chemicals in otherwise inaccessible areas of the body.

Because of course they do.

P.S. Financial Times writing about health and cancer cure efforts. We live in an interesting world.

P.P.S. Dear Financial Times: I want to copy a piece of the text from your article for reasons of sharing the text itself, not of telling others that they could share it via email widgets et al.

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