The last time that I was in a B&N was about a year ago. Massive wall of magazines that nobody reads in physical formats any more. (Although they still carried 2600). They had a music and CD section. They had a "Childrens" section that was all toys. There was a coffee shop. and the books looked like an afterthought. Come to think of it, when was the last time that Barnes and Noble was relevant? five years ago? I wonder if the publishers will step in to boost them like Hasboro did with ToysRUs to act as a counter to Walmart and Amazon.

I liked the Nook more than the Kindle, then B&N stopped promoting it. They could have won the whole game if they offered a nook version with every physical book, but they dropped that ball as well.

I expect Sears to be done this year, looks like B&N will join them.


'member back when Barnes & Noble threatened to buy Ingram and the FTC lost their shit? Because monopolies? So they balked?

We were so innocent back then.

It's like back when we thought Internet Explorer would bring about the end of humanity.

B&N's market cap is $342 million. It was $1.5 billion in 2006. Amazon?

$702b. Two.Thousand.Times the value of B&N.

Know what's funny? Nora Ephron made this adorable little movie about the wonders of email and how B&N was gonna crush the independent bookseller but that was okay so long as love prevailed.

Now? Now B&N is the scrappy little bookseller while all the independents (what's left of them) traffic almost exclusively in used books.

It's like worrying about the freeway being built through your back yard while ignoring the Vogons in orbit.

posted by francopoli: 330 days ago